A coomunity for service/hospitality community

we provide joblisting in the hospitality/service industry, created a community where members can find entertainment, and network with one another..

A coomunity for service/hospitality community In Their Own Words

shiftdrink evolved because we felt that as a group, restaurant employees did not have a home on the web. Even the ‘Underwater Basket Weavers of New York’ has a site of their own, so why an industry with over 300,000 able bodied New Yorkers didn’t, seemed a damn shame,So we’ve decided to stop slacking and become internet wizards. We’ve created a website that is not about hating your job, but about having the guts to say, “Hey, it is what it is. I pay my bills, take an occasional vacation, have flexibility to pursue other interests, and meet like minded people.”

Why A coomunity for service/hospitality community It Might Be A Killer

Dinning out has evolved from a luxury to almost an american culture.Evidence of that can be seen from the many food related shows on national television to countless blogs on food and restaurants.
So its only natural that a niche website be created that catered to service professionals.