A Cocktail App Fit For Mad Men

Today’s Killer Startup: Highball


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Elevator Pitch:

Highball is an iOS cocktail app “for collecting and sharing recipes.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I know it’s hard for those of you in the Northeast to believe (my Vermont friends have been blowing up my newsfeed with pictures of the April snow that just slammed them), but hot days and warm nights will upon you soon, I promise. Summer time is coming and that means… Well, it means a lot of things, but one of the best is undoubtedly cocktails.


Nothing is nicer than a cool cocktail on a summer evening, but figuring out how to make your favorite drinks can be hard. I mean, Google exists, but when the air is humid and your limbs are languid, who can be bothered, amirite?


Luckily, Highball has compiled recipes for all of the classic cocktails, plus a few you may not have heard of yet. The cocktail app’s design is reminiscent of old cook books or something you’d find in the kitchen of one of the wives on Mad Men; vintage colors and typewriter font with minimalist drawings make the recipes as visually appealing as they are alcoholically refreshing.


The app also has a super cool feature where you can share the recipe cards on social media – you can “collect” ones that you find out there on the world wide web. That means that if one of your other boozy friends shares a recipe and you dig it, you can add it to your collection of cocktails.


The app was created by Studio Neat as a kind of advertising campaign for the craft cocktail goods that they sell on their site, including their Simple Syrup Kit and their Neat Ice Kit. It’s a good move, integrating different product lines with a pretty, retro-looking app – but I wouldn’t be shocked if the app ends up being more popular than the kits.



Boozy and beautifully designed, #Highball from @studioneat has every #cocktail recipe you could want.


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