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99ShoutBox.com99 Shout Box is the kind of service that webmasters and bloggers can but like, for the simple reason that it will let them have a more engaged audience. You see, this new web service empowers them to embed a widget on their sites and blogs that their visitors can use to leave both text and voice messages. In this way, people who make a habit of checking any site for news regularly are enabled to leave messages for other individuals who they know also visit the site looking for that very same information.


You can clearly see why this service is so interesting now. It enables visitors to take on a more participative role in relation to the content that is featured on any site or blog. And that can but increase the degree of attachment they have to it. Moreover, the service has the great bonus of being usable without necessitating people to sign up or log in beforehand. That lowers all the possible barriers that something like it could present to first-time users, and it makes 99 Shout Box stand as an even more interesting alternative to webmasters looking for ways to have a more loyal following. In Their Own Words

Embeddable widget that allows your visitors to leave text and voice messages directly on your site without having to register beforehand.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A service like this one can but benefit a blog, in the way that anything which enables visitors to be more connected among themselves does.

Some Questions About

Does this work exactly alike on all blogs?

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