8Tracks.com – Mix Tapes Made Simple

8Tracks.comDon’t worry about the RIAA closing down Muxtape. If you enjoyed that service, then you’ll find something similar (and some would say better) at 8tracks.

com. Through the site, you’ll be able to choose from the music library and make mix tapes to share with your friends through your website or blog. You can upload your mp3s too, so if you don’t find your favorite tracks on the site, you’ll still be able to share them. If you’re only interested in listening to good music, you can browse through the site for artist, songs, genres, or users, and start your listening experience. I really don’t know why the RIAA makes such a big deal out of these sites. It’s just like online radio, the only difference is that you’re choosing what you want to listen to. Making mix tapes with 8tracks.com is really easy, and sharing them too. This should allow you to let your friends know what you’re listening to, so you can spread the word on your favorite new artist.

8Tracks.com In Their Own Words

“8tracks is a simple way for people to create or listen to a mix, a short playlist containing at least 30 minutes—roughly 8 tracks—of music.”

Why 8Tracks.com It Might Be A Killer

The music industry is changing, and this site is a testament of that. Users should love the ability to make and share playlists.

Some Questions About 8Tracks.com

Will the RIAA close them down too? Can DRM protected tracks be uploaded? 8Tracks.com