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8020Publishing.com8020 Publishing is a new media company which combines the power of online communities with the appeal of published content. What does this mean, exactly? It means that the magazines created by 8020 Publishing aren’t actually created by the company at all.

Rather, the 8020 community submits the content to 8020, who in turn weave the user submissions into printed magazines. The only role the editorial staff plays is choosing which content will be selected for the magazines (the site currently publishes two – JPG for photography and Everywhere for travel), and of course, retains the traditional role of putting the magazine into print. If you’re interested, you can visit either magazines’ individual site (access via “Magazines” on the main 8020 page), and sign up to submit your content.

8020Publishing.com In Their Own Words

“We are a revolutionary new hybrid media company, bringing the best of magazines and the web together. We harness the diversity and depth of online communities to create printed magazines that are uniquely relevant and insightful”.

Why 8020Publishing.com It Might Be A Killer

A pretty cool idea. 8020 Publishing seamlessly combines the “wisdom of the crowds” mentality with publishing to create media which appeals and is relevant to their audience. The result is beneficial for both parties; subscribers are happy because they have a magazine that not only caters to their interests but also features their submissions, and 8020 is as already hooked up with a loyal fanbase, minimizing any advertising costs.

Some Questions About 8020Publishing.com

At the time of this review’s publication, there were only two magazines published by 8020; JPG (photography) and Everywhere (travel). As these two themes often go hand in hand, it’s surprising why 8020 didn’t chose to diversify their publications a little bit more; when will the company be coming up with new publications that will appeal to more users? 8020Publishing.com