7thspace.com – New Shared Online Drawing Fun

7thspace.com7thSpace, an extensive social networking community has added a new online multi-user whiteboard for drawing fun. Play drawing games with other users like trying to draw a circle around another user’s name.

There are 10 different rooms available and 7 distinct scenes if you need a bit of scenery to get your artistic juices flowing. It is very simple to get started, just enter your name and start drawing and playing with other users. If you aren’t happy with what you have drawn, you can undo it, so no need to be overly cautious. Pick colors and the width of your line and then simply start drawing or collaborate with others to make a masterpiece.

7thspace.com In Their Own Words

“Join the fun and draw online with other connected users using our shared drawing area. Simply enter a name, click “Set Name” and start drawing or playing games like “Catch Me” where your mission is to draw a circle around another user’s name. There are 10 different rooms available.”

Why 7thspace.com It Might Be A Killer

The whiteboard is simple to use and the more creative types will enjoy the fact that they can really just make up their own games or share their creativity with others. Sometimes the simplest things end up being the most successful.

Some Questions About 7thspace.com

As it stands right now, the drawing options are very limited, and you only have control over the width of the line you want to draw and the color. If they can develop better drawing tools then this site will be much more appealing but as it stands right now, it is a bit limited. 7thspace.com