7tasks.com – Create Simple Web-Based Checklists

7tasks.com7tasks is a free, simple web-based application for making checklists and keeping track of which items have been completed. Be it a grocery list, a personal to-do list, or action items for the office, 7tasks allows you to access your lists from anywhere by simply logging into your account.

There aren’t many bells and whistles to the site – no fancy graphics or ability to change the appearance of your lists – but 7tasks.com serves its purpose in a clean, efficient, and intuitive manner. You can quickly toggle between viewing a single list (showing both the to-do items and those completed) and the Dashboard view, which shows only the outstanding to-do items for each list, but all on one page.

7tasks.com In Their Own Words

“7tasks is a lightweight simple to use to do list app, From your grocery lists to your client’s most detailed project, 7tasks can help you organize your tasks the human way.”

Why 7tasks.com It Might Be A Killer

The web-based aspect seems really helpful, allowing you to easily access your to-do lists from home, work, or your mobile device. With this feature, a manager could create a project to-do list and various team members could log in from anywhere to see which tasks remain or to check off a task they’ve completed.

Some Questions About 7tasks.com

Could they add options to let you change the appearance of your lists? Besides being more aesthetically pleasing (for those who care), you could use something like color-coding to help organize, mark urgent items, etc. Is there a way to download your lists or email them to yourself, if you want to keep a record? If 7tasks hopes to be used by businesses, an option like this would probably be necessary. 7tasks.com