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7knowledge.comNobody would dispute that the native notes app iPhones and iPads come with is rudimentary at best, specially not after having tried something like 7Notes. This new notes application enables you to perform operations such as highlight portions of text and changing the color of the font that you’re using, and that alone makes it preferable over the notes app you get with your iPhone or iPad by default. But 7Notes actually has yet another feature up its sleeve, and it must be said it’s a really killer one.

7Notes enables you to take notes in your own handwriting. Or (to be more accurate), take notes that you have written in your fair hand, and have them rendered digitally. And the app also comes with social features, letting you invite all your Facebook and Twitter friends to edit any set of notes you’ve created.

7Notes can be downloaded for free, and a premium version of the service is also available. That’s the one you should go for if you want to have your handwritten notes turned into digital text. The premium version of 7Notes costs $4.99 for iPhone, and $8.99 for iPad. This premium version has also got the advantage of being ad-free.

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Handwritten memopad iPhone and iPad application.

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