6Zap.com – Open Source Communication Platform

6Zap.comAre you looking for a new platform in order to handle your personal communications, or the communications of your company? Should that ever be the case, you might as well wend your way to this website and see if the provided solution accommodates your need.

Basically, 6Zap is an open-source communication platform that touches upon items like e-mail, contact management, file management and a calendar – all into the very same webpage.

One of the most notable features of the latest version is that you can read and reply mails even when you are not online, and e-mail can likewise be handled from multiple accounts.

Businesses and service providers are also going to appreciate the fact that the whole package is hosted in the cloud. In practice, this means that the solution can be deployed easily, and the same goes for scalability.

6Zap is likewise internationalized, so that if you want to give it a spin you can do so no matter where you are located. Just sign up for an account or download the package and install it in your server to see where does it stand for you.

6Zap.com In Their Own Words

“Full featured, open-source communication platform that includes e-mail, calendar, file management and contacts into a single page.”

Why 6Zap.com It Might Be A Killer

It offers centralized access to services that should always go hand in hand.

Some Questions About 6Zap.com

What features are planned for eventual updates? 6Zap.com