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5thBar.com5thbar is all about mobile phones. It aggregates reviews, news, videos, photos and release info, doing the work so you don’t have to.


Users can also add their own reviews, ratings and commentary. What’s more, if a reader mentions a product not already on site, 5thbar will scan the web for even more info on the device. As 5th is in no way associated with any cell company, you can rest assured that the info on the site isn’t biased in any way. Items are categorized by news and brand; there are also forums for open discussion. The site is currently tracing over 2,000 items and counting. In Their Own Words

“5th Bar is the best way to search for and find reviews, news, and pricing about mobile phones, wireless phones, cell phone carriers, and accessories.”
“5thbar is a search engine and aggregator of cell phone reviews, news, videos and information. I started this site in July 2007 as a new place to collect and organize all the rapidly changing information that is out in the world about cell phones, wireless carriers and accessories. The goal of this site is to organize and collect in one place for you all this diverse information, presenting it in a new easy to digest way, so you can get to the bottom line quickly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you need info on new mobile gadget you’re planning to buy, 5th bar is the place to go. It’s got a good selection of products and there’s ample space for discussion.

Some Questions About

What’s the business model? How will the site stay fresh?

Author : Siri Marshall

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