Students Are Getting The Jobs Of Their Dreams On 500 Miles

Today’s Killer Startup: 500 Miles




Elevator Pitch:

500 Miles helps people “discover breakout tech companies and get hired by them.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

You know what sucks? Job hunting. It sucks so much that it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons I quit the 9-5 four and a half years ago and went freelance. While freelancing undeniably has its own downsides, sending out a million resumes and then showing up on your knees to beg for a job that, let’s be real, probably really isn’t even that great, is not one of them.


But I totally get that not everyone wants to be self-employed or work freelance, which is why I’m always pumped to share a new site that’s helping people find work. 500 Miles is the latest, and I’m definitely digging what they do.


500 Miles focuses specifically on matching students with companies that are about to break out and be successful. The app not only lets users view what companies are hiring but also gives them insights about each company, ask questions within their network about whether or not a company is a good fit, and track employers that they’re interested in. It’s a more involved, affordable way for young ambitious people to break into the job market – a task that we all know is a lot harder than you think it will be your senior year of college.


The app only launched in July but is already being used by students at more than 500 campuses across the country. They’re matching students to companies that are just busting out onto the scene, which sounds exciting for people of any experience level, really! So yeah, if you’re a student looking to graduate with an awesome, exciting job, or you’re a startup looking to hire young, ambitious people, head over to 500 Miles and get signed up today.



Young, ambitious people + young, ambitious #startups = a match made in heaven on #500Miles


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