4rweb.com – Web Hosting, I for every Domain

4rweb.com This website offers high performance and reliable servers of brand name hardware. It is a source for hosting solutions.

Web-hosting operations provides customers with complete automation for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows platforms, Billing solution, Over 20 Supported Merchant Gateways, Flexibility at all levels, Virtual Private Servers, etc. Customers are able to create an account, users information will be automatically written down in its database. 4rweb Inc, also offers managed solutions for your business such as dedicate hosting, Co-located hosting, Virtual hosting. With managed dedicated hosting solutions you will also configure and maintain
your server for optimal performance and reliability!

4rweb.com In Their Own Words

“The heart of 4RWeb Panel is the Control Panel Server. It knows about every other server in the configuration. Control Panel Server manages all new machines, users, domains, and events behind the scene. When a user enters the system and creates a new account, the control panel server dispatches commands to DNS, Mail, and Web servers to configure themselves. It also writes all the information about user into its database. From this moment on, 4RWeb Panel knows which computers the account resides on, the properties of the account, how it is billed and any other information it might need to know. All settings are configured in real time.”

Why 4rweb.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an appealing site since it’s very well designed, organized and easy to deal with. Customers are able to have an online technical support just by felling a simple form.

Some Questions About 4rweb.com

Will they be able to compete with so many other websites offering similar services?