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4kids.tv In Their Own Words

“4Kids Entertainment, Inc. is a global provider of children’s entertainment and merchandise licensing. The Company acquires, develops and markets children’s properties globally and seeks to maximize economic returns through a vertically integrated platform, including the creation and development of television shows, motion pictures, home videos and music; merchandise licensing; media planning and buying; product development; and Web site development. In September of 2002, 4Kids Entertainment launched 4Kids TV™, a four-hour block of children’s programming airing on Saturday mornings on FOX.”

Why 4kids.tv It Might Be A Killer

It is a very appealing site since it’s very well designed: very colourful, with attracting images, simple vocabulary, and different categories simply organized, which makes it ideal for children. It also allows kids to get in touch with some of the most popular cartoons through videos, games and TV shows. Customers are able to become free members just by filling in a simple form.

Some Questions About 4kids.tv

Are they willing to provide customers with a “search” through which they can have access to information of the cartoons in other fields? 4kids.tv