40billion.com – Find New Business Funding

40billion.comDid you just come up with possibly the greatest startup idea? Do you need the fudnign to make your dreams come true? If so, you might want to look at 40billion.com.

On the site, entrepreneurs with startup ideas post them and hope that angel investors will choose to invest on it. This allows anyone with a good idea to have a real shot at making it big on the internet. The website works through a network of family and friends, so good ideas can be recommended through word of mouth. This allows the investor to see what other people think of the idea beofre investing any real money on it. Once you upload a project, you’ll be able to set the ammount of money you need to get it started. You can either get the money from one investor or raise money from many people who are willing to give you a small share of your projected startup money.

40billion.com In Their Own Words

“40billion.com is the entrepreneurs’ micro-funding platform, matching entrepreneurs and investors through an online network of friends and family.”

Why 40billion.com It Might Be A Killer

Having funding is key to any startup project. Allowing entrepreneurs and investors to come together on the web is a great idea.

Some Questions About 40billion.com

Is there a guarantee on the money that is invested? How do you avoid scams? 40billion.com