40Billion.com – A Microlending Marketplace

40Billion.comTrue, the economy is slow, and talk of recession is ever present, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t willing to give a little money especially if the project is right. If you have an idea or a project, but don’t have the funds to do anything with it, there are plenty of places to look.

For one, you could try the new Atlanta-based 40Billion.com. 40Billion is a marketplace for investors and entrepreneurs to create new ideas for funding and collaboration. Investors can invest anywhere from $50 to $10,000 per project and entrepreneurs can request $1000 to $99,000. There’s a sort of pitch room where entrepreneurs can present their ideas to potential investors. And investors can easily search projects by filtering through a number of criteria. Also, there’s a resource center you can check out to find info on how to make your idea a reality

40Billion.com In Their Own Words

” 40billion.com is the entrepreneurs’ micro-funding platform, matching entrepreneurs and investors through an online network of friends and family. We are addressing a $40 billion gap in small-business funding by creating an online marketplace for friends-and-family funding (a.k.a. “love money”, microfinance, social lending), fundraising, and investing so that more entrepreneurs can have access to affordable business financing through loans, contributions/donations, and equity partnerships”

Why 40Billion.com It Might Be A Killer

Microlending is a great idea especially in these hard times. 40Billion provides a easy to use and intuitive platform for both willing investors and entrepreneurs to get money and invest in great ideas a little at a time.

Some Questions About 40Billion.com

Will there be enough investors willing to invest? Will it be enough for cunning entrepreneurs to make their idea real? 40Billion.com