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3DVIA.com3DVIA democratizes the 3D modeling process so that any web user can create their own 3D version of cars, trucks, houses, Bart Simpson—anything that strikes their fancy. It’s a web-based application that utilizes professional grade software from the French company Dassault.


Users join to gain access to the 3DVIA archive of prototypes and modeling software and from there choose what they want to make three-dimensional. Each model can be viewed at any angle, spun around and zoomed-in on. There are a lot of uses for 3DVIA. Eventually, users will be able to create their own virtual worlds. Virtual homes and building created can be used on Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. There’s even a Facebook application to make a 3D mashup. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a thing to use it. In Their Own Words

“ will be the meeting point for all the communities wishing to improving everyday’s life with 3D. It will provide both 3D content and 3D services, either very generic or more dedicated to specific goals. It relies on dedicated infrastructure, leverages real-time display and behavioral 3D technologies, and provides services for everyone to imagine, create, share, experience or play in 3D.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

3DVIA is a very slick and innovative concept. Not only does it allow users free access to professional grade software, but it also paves the way for user created virtual worlds, new ways of marketing and consumer testing and a lot more.

Some Questions About

Is this too niche a product to gain mainstream success? How will they generate revenue from the site and will it affect the user? Will there be enough users to generate results?

Author : Bruce Turner

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