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3Defy.comThe days in which we had to buy expensive software in order to have 3D models created are nothing but a memory. Nowadays, we have applications that work on the browser from start to finish, and that let us come with fully-featured 3D models regardless of our actual technical skills. 3Defy is one such tool. It lets people take photos and have 3D effects applied to them, right on their browsers, and using a point-and-click interface. And then, have the resulting photos embedded just wherever they want.


Leaving aside an unwieldy registration process, 3Defy is a very spontaneous and versatile service. It makes it clear that the newest version of the Flash Player (version 11) has got a lot going for it, and that the GPU-accelerated 3D graphics rendering capabilities it has are enough to leave HTML5 gasping for breath.

3Defy can be used for free, and it must be stressed that what you can see if you give the site a try right now is a demo. It’s fully-functional, and it will allow you to have 3D effects added to all the images that you want. But the site you can currently visit is meant to give you a taster of what’s to come when the full (and final) version of 3Defy sees the light. In Their Own Words

3Defy gives you the power to transform your photographs into rich 3D models.

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When is the full version of 3Defy meant to be released?

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