360Gadget.com – Personal Start Page for Facebook

360Gadget.com360Gadget is a newly launched Facebook app which enables members to add a fully customizable personal page inside Facebook. This means you’ll be able to catch up on the latest news, perform Google searches, subscribe to RSS feeds, take notes, and much more without ever leaving the network.

Customizing your preferences is a matter of drag and drop. A larger view mode enables users to read blog content. Your Facebook friends will be able to see which feeds you’ve subscribed to. Perhaps 360’s most defining accomplishment is its POP3 email account integration. You’ll be able to access all your mail right inside Facebook simply by entering your account info as you would using Outlook.

360Gadget.com In Their Own Words

“From the feature standpoint, 360Gadget’s Facebook application enables users to have a Personalized Page inside of Facebook.com. The application enables Facebook users to access news and external content right inside of the networking site. Facebook users can now quickly search and subscribe news/RSS feeds, search on Google/maps, take notes, and do much more all from one single application.”

Why 360Gadget.com It Might Be A Killer

As more people spend their time in their social networks, it just makes sense for an app like 360. Users will be able to get more things done without having to leave Facebook. All you really need can be accessed from your Facebook account. This is one app that really is different from the others.

Some Questions About 360Gadget.com

This sort of personal page for your social network will surely spawn clones, will 360Gadget be able to remain on top? Are more features in the works? Will users, who tend to switch between social networks daily, find it very practical? 360Gadget.com