Biffle – Shop With The Power Of Millions

The internet has revolutionized shopping. For the first time in human history, the consumer has infinite choice and the ability to truly seek and find the best deal out there. But there are two things that online shoppers fear: their credit card information being stolen and paying more than they have to. And that’s where biffle comes in.


Biffle is an online buying club that goes to bat for the average consumer online shopper, taking advantage of the power of thousands to make sure that each person gets the best deal. Unlike other ecommerce sites, biffle will actually make purchases on behalf of their members. So, for example, while you may use Google to search for the best price or go to bat on eBay against other customers, with biffle you’ll be able to just let the experts shoppers know what you’re looking for and they’ll find it and purchase it for you. That means that your credit card information is never given to an unknown website and they even have a best price guarantee, where they’ll give you a $100 if you can find your item cheaper after they’ve found it for you.


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The site is currently undergoing a membership drive to help reach their goal of one million consumers, which will in turn increase their buying power. Current members can become biffle ambassadors by inviting friends to join biffle. As a thank you, biffle promises “a thousand dollars in Rewards,” which adds a sweet incentive to the fact that each person is increasing the buying power of the site. Those rewards come in the form of a $100 gift card earned upon the first purchase of up to 10 friends.


Purchasing through biffle will start when they reach their one million member mark, so it’s important that people who are interested in being a part of their ecommerce revolution help by becoming ambassadors. In order to speed up that process, they ask that each new member recruit three friends in three days via their personalized link. Biffle suggests that new members utilize a combo of a general post on social encouraging people to sign up and personalized messages to a few specific friends outlining why they should join the site.


Look, expert online shoppers undoubtedly have an advantage over those who only buy their goods in brick and mortar stores. However, online shopping isn’t easy — and there’s always the threat to your financial security when you give out your credit card info. Join the biffle movement and bring some friends with you in order to ensure that you’re all getting the best deals possible.


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