Take Care Of Your Holiday Gift List With iwantdis

Today’s Killer Startup: iwantdis


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Elevator Pitch:

iwantdis is a curated site of awesome stuff.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

My boyfriend is impossible to buy for. He says that he’s easy, but in reality he’s very, very particular. Like, I’m still not even 100% sure about what his favorite color is because every time I think it’s the right shade of teal, he says it’s not. It’s like his eyeballs can see something that mine can’t or something, so I’ve pretty much given up on that.


But you know, then sites like iwantdis come across my browser. While the style is definitely more mine than my boyfriends (he tends toward minimalism; I tend toward vintage/hipster clutter) there are definitely some great items on this list. And with the holidays coming up rapidly, iwantdis is a great resource for those of you who are struggling to find gifts for everyone on your list.


The site has men’s clothing, women’s clothing, tech accessories, home decor, photography, shoes and boots, watches, leather goods, wall art, books, headphones, and backpacks. Basically, you could outfit a hipster’s entire life, from head to toe and kitchen to bathroom with stuff from iwantdis. For example, check out these sexy headphones and this awesome hatching dinosaur candle. Have you seen anything like those before? I bet not.


But don’t get turned off by my use of the word “hipster.” The things on this site are by no means only for people who fit the stereotype. They’ve got great stuff for anyone who cares about quality items created by people who care about design. Head over, take a look around, and see if you can cross some of your gifts off the list this season — even for those picky ones. Your friends and family will thank you.



Looking for awesome, original gifts this holiday season? Look no further than @iwantdis_app


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