2tor.com – Trying To Standardize Online Education

2tor.comEducation startups are easily among my favorite ones if only because they can nurture the minds of tomorrow and equip them with the necessary knowledge for keep going until the path is gone, and then create a new path for those who will come behind to follow. 2tor is quite a comprehensive tool that provides universities with a technology platform that makes for better instruction and the development of offline curricula, supporting students all through the course of their learning until the graduation itself.

Using 2tor schools can create online degrees, and people from all over the country will have ready access to these. Students can take classes online and communicate with each other via chat functionalities, as well as signing up for online office hours. The basis of the whole platform is clearly letting those who use it communicate comprehensively. In more senses than one, this platform resembles a social network like Facebook more than anything else.

By way of conclusion, this is a platform that has the potential to tear down the physical barriers that constrict education and that still stand strong today, such a long time ever since the Internet first surfaced. If it is successful, it can start a true revolution in the way people learn and process knowledge.

2tor.com In Their Own Words

“2tor supplies universities with the tools, expertise, capital, and global recruiting needed to compete in a space currently dominated by unexceptional programs. 2tor develops state-of-the-art technology platforms that enhance traditional offline curricula to create transformative instruction using the best educational and Web 2.0 technologies. 2tor also develops the human and support infrastructure needed “on the ground” and provides the vital—yet often-overlooked—logistical components of any online program, including comprehensive student support services from enrollment through graduation and beyond as well as practical learning experiences within distant communities around the country.”

Why 2tor.com It Might Be A Killer

Anything that brings the quality of education into a higher plane is commendable in itself.

Some Questions About 2tor.com

How long would it take for a system like this to be assimilated? 2tor.com