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2MillionDollarList.comThe 2 Million Dollar List is a well-named directory that allows website owners to post a link on their site for the cost of $2. The site has real people checking the quality of the links to make sure that the site doesn’t become full of broken links and false promises and all links are published under an extensive list of categories.


They claim to help you get noticed on popular search engines by using elements of Search Engine Optimization but buyer beware, a quick trip to showed that they haven’t even entered the site for traffic analysis. On the positive side, the site has a catchy name and it could succeed in becoming an online directory full of useful sources. In Their Own Words

“The 2 Million Dollar List is an exclusive list of websites collected from the billions of websites in existence today. After you create a website, it is available on the internet, but nobody knows except your family and friends. If you want other people to be able to find your website, you need to submit listings to directories to increase links to your website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People may be drawn in by the catchy name and logo and decide to cough up the 2 bucks to add their site to the list. If that happens it is possible that it could become a useful online directory.

Some Questions About

Why not forego the $2 charge and instead cut revenue sharing deals with those who post on the site?

Author : Caroline Bright

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