2Itch.com – See What’s Open

2Itch.comThe world of mashups has created some of the most useful sites on the web. 2itch.com is no exception. With this highly useful site, you’ll be able to see the places that are open 24 hours a day in all major American cities. Now, if you’re not a night owl, then stop reading this review right now. Ok, now that it’s just those of us who enjoy staying up all night, we can go back to seeing what the site can do for us.

Thanks to Google Maps’ impeccable frame, you’ll be able to see what spots are open all night, be it gas stations or supermarkets. This means that if you ever need anything in the night time, you have to check this site to see what’s open near you. You can share your list of places you know are open, helping to create a great database that’s sure to be of use to anyone who just can’t sleep at night.

2Itch.com In Their Own Words

“Finding 24 hour locations seems to be a big challenge and this is why I’ve created 2itch.com.”

Why 2Itch.com It Might Be A Killer

How can this not be a killer? It’s one of the most useful sites I’ve come across in a long time.

Some Questions About 2Itch.com

How will they make people contribute? Do they plan on adding more detailed descriptions of the places that are open? 2Itch.com