1TimeTracking.com – Timesheets, Anyone?

1TimeTracking.comNeed to get a little time management going on in your life? Maybe you need to keep track of employees or yourself while you’re working? If so, you may want to check out 1Time, the latest web app in the slew of time tracking options currently on the web. 1Time offers complete time and expense tracking for all your business needs.

For companies, 1Time creates a timesheet for each individual employee with separate logins so that you don’t need micromanage constantly. Email reminders are sent out to employees who have not entered in their timesheet. You can keep ahead of budgets, and run cost analyses to make sure you stay ahead. There’s also Basecamp integration as well as Excel support. 1Time ensures that clients are happy and that employees are productive and efficient. For one employee, there’s a free version, for more than one, you’ll pay from as low as $20 to $300 a month.

1TimeTracking.com In Their Own Words

“1time is a web-based time and expense tracking application that allows you to easily keep track of real time project costs.”

Why 1TimeTracking.com It Might Be A Killer

1Time offers companies a chance to keep track of employees without always having to nag and micromanage. It has plenty of tools and features for easy access and use.

Some Questions About 1TimeTracking.com

Do we need yet another timetracking tool? Will customers pay for this? What makes this better than the competition? 1TimeTracking.com