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What Would You Create If You Had The Brain Of 1000 Founders?

It’s not uncommon for the typical startup founder to attempt to do the work of 1,000 people. That kind of effort is commendable (if insane), but GroupMinded has a hunch that there’s a smarter way to build a successful company.


What is GroupMinded? Nobody knows just yet. It’s an experiment about to begin. What we do know is that it will have a founding team of 1,000 founders.


groupminded landing


Yes, you read that number correctly. GroupMinded is inviting 1,000 founders to try something new – to put their minds and energy and experience together and build a company from scratch all the way to IPO.


Now that’s crowdsourcing.


Billed as “part collective business venture, part social experiment,” the founders of GroupMinded will come up with a concept, put together a prototype, then launch a company – and, fingers crossed, astonish us all with what the collective effort of 1,000 seasoned pros can achieve.


The upsides of 1,000 people working together: complete transparency, a time commitment of 5-10 minutes at most a couple times a week (vs. the usual 24/7 grind), 999 extra hands on deck for whatever needs to get done.


And since founders tend to have strong ideas and prefer to be in charge, GroupMinded will function by voting – after a healthy dose of forums, emails and open conferencing, of course – to make sure that decisions are made and that the overall project moves forward.


Could become a physical product, a mobile app, a social network, or anything really. It’s sure to be both great spectacle and learning opportunity. In case it wasn’t evident, the goal is to create a profitable business. So, joining GroupMinded is a chance to get in on the action of something bound to grab attention. Sure, you’ve got to bring your own startup drive to the table, but having 999 coattails to ride partially is a heck of a lot better starting point than the vast majority of startups enjoy.


Starting up on your own or with a handful of friends? Old hat. If you want a brand new startup rush, to leap into the conversation of a project 1,000 members strong, and a slice of equity in an original company, then shoot on over to Sign up via the website or through the major social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+).


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