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0800-horoscope.com0800-horoscope is the site where users can check daily their updated horoscope. The site counts with a free service for the users, involving monthly, weekly and daily horoscope, tarot reading, partnerscope, Iching and astrology reports for individuals and couples.

The page also offers an e-mail horoscope sender that sends users all of these services. Apart from these opportunities, the site also offers some more services such as birth cards, love compatibility, sun signs, rising signs. Within it the user can also seek other sources like numerology, ask-a-Psichic or the Kosmic Horoscope. And look at the top horoscopes list with the favorite astrologers of the week.

0800-horoscope.com In Their Own Words

“0800-horoscope.com was launched by online astrology veterans on September 1st, 1998. The goal of this website is to provide free horoscopes and astrology information to the Internet community in a very easy and fast way. The site structure is simple and the URLs (locations of the pages) of the various zodiac signs are easy to remember. Bookmark this site or memorize the address and check back often for your horoscopes.”

Why 0800-horoscope.com It Might Be A Killer

The fact that the page has a very attractive and simple name will probably get much more traffic. Indeed as the whole site is totally free and has very appealing ideas for users, they will feel more likely to visit it several times.

Some Questions About 0800-horoscope.com

How will they manage to deal with competitors? The horoscope and tarot are very popular among the community and even more the online ones. Will they improve the information of the horoscope? The horoscope that is being promoted in the main page has very poor information. People expect to see part of their life predicated in there not only a ten character phrase. 0800-horoscope.com