042Clinic – A Complete Healthcare Solution

Pretty soon, fatigue from listening to discussion about all that’s wrong with healthcare will be its own medical condition requiring treatment.


Prepare yourself for a rare dose of positive healthcare news. 042Clinic is a groundbreaking medical and social networking platform that does so much right.




042Clinic directly connects clients with healthcare providers, including doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and imaging centers. Based in the cloud, 042Clinic gives clients access to healthcare professionals anywhere in the world.


The company’s goals: to bring simplicity to healthcare worldwide and connect clients with healthcare providers faster than anyone has ever done. And here’s just a few of the ways that they make this happen.


042Clinic provides users with access to their medical records online, 24/7. This includes medication lists, laboratory results, diagnostic imaging, medical and surgical history. Kept safe, this allows information to be shared safely and to expedite care, facilitate continuity of care, eliminate filling out redundant forms and trying to track down old information. It’s an easy win for everyone (and hard to believe that cloud storage hasn’t been adopted as standard practice).



The platform also lets patients schedule appointments online, request and fill prescriptions and directly message their doctors. Members can make free phone and video calls worldwide.


So often, systems feel designed to confuse and limit patients. 042Clinic takes the exact opposite approach, aiming for transparency and ease. Think about what a relief it is to be able to go anywhere in the world and know that you can receive care. Think about how much time can be saved by not having to hunt for doctors and question whether or not they’re included in your plan. With 042Clinic, you can almost instantly find local care and swiftly arrange appointments.


Improved access, efficiency, streamlined healthcare workflow, time and money saved… Sounds a lot like a cure all for the ails of our healthcare systems. A comprehensive and simple solution. Bravo, 042Clinic.


Dr. Judepatricks M. Onyema, a highly decorated MD, certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, is the founder of 042Clinic. He received training in Patient-Centered Computing from Harvard Medical School, and has clearly put the knowledge gained to great use.


Ready to receive first-class, highly subsidized, coordinated healthcare anywhere on the planet, regardless of who you are? Aren’t we all. Learn more at 042clinic.com.


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