Inside The Mind Of A Startup Entrepreneur [Infographic]

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Startups are fast paced, small, and ever-morphing. And, they’re almost always built around the idea of one or two founders.


Transactional leaders excel in well established businesses where they work within a pre-established system. When they go to lunch, they complain about the management.


Transformational leaders shift the paradigm. They are often startup founders and entrepreneurs. In this case, the founders are the management…


Founders must deal with:

  • Doubt – He/She is responsible for putting up a confident front in public, but does their idea really stand out?
  • Bankruptcy – Founders often invest everything they have in their own idea, with no idea whether or not there will be a return.
  • Loneliness – They are the management, and at the tip/top of the food chain, they don’t have many peers.
  • Fear of Failure – Lost money, wasted time, ruined reputation are just a few of the fears of founders.
  • Inescapable situation – Your workers can find other jobs. When the ship sinks you’re left with the three-year lease on your building, remaining property or debt.


As a lot, founders play by their own rules…


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