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Top 4 Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Income

Getting some money on the side never hurts. If you have your budget fully planned, some extra income will surely help you expand it a bit. By doing some easy side hustles, you will be able to gain some with little effort. These are the top 5 side hustle ideas that you can use for some extra cash.



InboxDollars is a website that offers users to earn some extra money by doing small tasks. These tasks do not require much effort or a lot of time.

The tasks that you can do there include filling out surveys about various subjects, watching entertaining videos, visiting certain websites, or playing games. For each of these tasks, you will get some points that you can later exchange for various gift cards.

Payments are not overly large. But considering the difficulty of the tasks provided and the time it takes to complete them, it is worth trying out as a good side hustle. When you have more free time, the earnings can pile up to a rather nice sum.


Gigwalk is an app that pays to do mystery shopping. They will ask you to visit a certain shop and take a walk around there, checking out how the products are arranged on the shelves, to check if some particular item is available, maybe ask for assistance to check if the personnel working there is friendly and helpful.

It could be a great side hustle idea for those who like to walk and shop. How much you can earn for doing a single mission depends on how many tasks you will have to perform at a single shop. The payouts usually range from $3 to $100, and they are provided to your PayPal account. This means that the earnings are direct, as opposed to using a points system or something similar.

The requirements are small. All you need to have is a smartphone, which pretty much anyone has nowadays, just to check the tasks and, if required, take some pictures.


If you happen to have a property that you do not use or a spare room that rarely gets visited, you can get some extra income by renting it out via Airbnb.

Airbnb is a rental service valued at over 60 billion US dollars that lets its users rent out apartments, rooms, and other accommodations for a short period of time. The rentals happen from actual people rather than from companies that own properties around the town.

By checking out the overall pricing of the accommodations around your area, you can figure out how profitable it would be to rent out your own place or just a room. The options are vast, and, especially during the busier times of the year, such as the Christmas holidays or other local festivities, people look for cheaper hospitality options. This can become a great side hustle both seasonally and all throughout the year.


Whether or not Honeygain can be considered a side hustle is up for debate. Mostly because it does not require you to do any activities to earn some extra income. In other words, it is a passive income app.

The only things that you need to do are download Honeygain, log in to your account, and keep the application running while connected to the internet. By doing so, you share your unused internet bandwidth with the Honeygain network and get some money in return.

The bandwidth you share is used for noble purposes such as ad verification and price aggregation. Those websites that provide you with the best prices for, e.g. plane tickets, could be using Honeygain to collect all that information.

The app uses a credits system where each 10 MB of traffic shared gives you 3 credits. 1 000 credits equal $1. After you reach $20, you can request a payout directly to your PayPal account. Or request it to your cryptocurrency wallet using JumpToken, a somewhat new cryptocurrency.

Having a side hustle is a nice way to boost your finances just a bit. Or just to make some spare change that you could use for smaller expenses that you want yet do not wish to allocate your budget for.

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