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How Outsourcing Can Help Your Startup Business

Startup businesses are faced with multiple challenges from the get-go. Limited resources, managing workflow, building brand awareness, and hiring the right people are among the many typical hurdles that a startup faces. Making a startup takeoff is not an easy feat. It is imperative that you secure enough funding and allocate your resources wisely. Beyond sufficient capital, you also need a solid team of employees who can perform tasks that translate to revenue. Your employees are the muscles that move your company and it is essential to onboard the best talent.


Hiring the right employee is only the start of the process. Startup entrepreneurs also have to ensure that they’re properly trained and productive. To surmount some of the challenges that plague the road to startup success, outsourcing has become a known practical solution. According to a survey, 90% of businesses gave outsourcing credit for their success.

Outsourcing is a cost-efficient business strategy that more and more entrepreneurs have used since the pandemic. Here are some reasons why you should too:

Reduced Time for Recruitment

Seasoned recruiters know that hiring an employee who has the right qualifications and cultural fit for the company takes time. When you hire a virtual assistant from an established outsourcing company, you will reduce the recruitment time by 80%. Outsourcing companies handle the sourcing, initial interview, qualifications screening and assessment, and even performing a thorough background check. Typically, they will provide you with 2 to 3 options to choose from. All that you have to do on your end is provide the job description, conduct the final interview, and pick the best talent among the top 3 options given.

Access to a Wider Pool of Industry Experts

One of the key challenges that hiring managers faced before the pandemic is not having enough options as to the right talent that they are looking for.  They were limited by the options that were nearby. Today, hiring locally has become a thing of the past. With outsourcing becoming a more popular option, you can now choose from a wider pool of global talent. This global pool is teeming with numerous industry experts with diverse backgrounds, educational attainment levels, and skill sets. Having this access means you get to pick the best talents and you don’t have to settle for a local talent who is less qualified.

Improved Cash Flow

Most virtual assistants are located outside of the US. Hence, they are able to set their rates lower than US talents. For example, virtual assistant services from the Philippines usually cost significantly less compared to hiring an in-house assistant. With virtual assistants, you will be getting a lot of work done at a fraction of the cost if you were hiring locally.

Along with lower rates, you can also get the most bang for your buck. You don’t have to pay for overhead costs. When you have employees working in an office, you will have to pay for the rent of the office space, office equipment, and utilities. Meanwhile, virtual assistants typically take care of business-related costs such as home office space, office equipment, electricity, and Internet connection.

Refocus on Revenue-Generating Activities

With virtual assistants handling most of the administrative tasks, you and your in-house team can channel your energy into the more important aspects of your business. For instance, if they manage your social media, and generate marketing copy and videos, your marketing manager can focus on studying trends, analyzing data, and improving your startup business’s marketing strategies.

Another example would be if you’re starting a real estate business, your virtual assistants can take care of cold-calling campaigns, marketing, and transaction coordination. This frees up your time for networking, building client relationships, and going to open houses.

Improved Productivity

A study by Airtasker shows that remote employees spend 37 minutes less discussing non-work-related topics with coworkers. Just like other remote workers, virtual assistants can help your business scale faster with their increased productivity. The flexibility of the remote work setup and the lack of distraction that are commonly present in an on-site office setup has contributed to their increased productivity.

Moreover, advancements in technology and automation have paved the road toward outsourcing. For example, you can now track the productivity of your virtual assistants with the use of time-tracking tools and screen-capturing software like Timedly and Time Doctor. The adoption of these tools encourages accountability, promptness, and productivity – all of which are great for your business growth.

Key Takeaways

Startup businesses can scale their businesses much faster than they would if they rely solely on in-house employees. Having access to the global talent pool not only ensures diverse skill set options but also translates to lesser costs.

In today’s post-pandemic world, remote work has become a more palatable option for both employees and business owners alike. With the rise of globalization and the acceleration of technological advancements, there is no doubt that virtual assistants will continue to become a top solution for startup businesses.


Author : Pavel Stepanov

Founder and CEO of Virtudesk, an American-based virtual assistant company founded in 2016. He talks about outsourcing, workforce trends, and business development.

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