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3 Examples of a Strong Hydrogen Fuel Startup

These days, a lot of automotive companies are trying to find a way to help give back to the planet while still having day-to-day vehicle capability. That’s a hard act to balance. However, with the help of a company that understands how hydrogen fuel works, they could easily process a solution that’s both helpful and affordable. And what better way to go than with a hydrogen fuel startup?


There are many on the market these days; and what’s more, with so many cars on the market, they’re easily cleaning up on money. But the real question is who to go to first. Some are established in the market, while others are clearly newcomers that know a thing or two about it.

Never fear. With this helpful guide, we’ll provide three strong examples of the kind of hydrogen fuel startup you should watch out for. These companies are going places and more than likely beyond as well!

A Great Hydrogen Fuel Startup: Nikola Motors

First up is Nikola Motors, established in 2014 in the heart of America in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since that time, it’s become the premier manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial battery-electric vehicles, along with fuel-cell electric vehicles. In addition, it also produces a number of energy solutions for car makers to learn a thing or two from.

The company began presenting some really great concepts in 2016, including a semi-truck fueled, at the time, by a natural gas-fueled turbine-electric system. These days, that might be more common – but Nikola helped pave the way for its innovation.

Today, the company has taken off to become the premiere hydrogen fuel startup on the market. It currently has $3.2 billion in funding, with a number of long-haul vehicles in production (including the Nikola One). It will likely continue to introduce models in the years ahead, especially as the electric car market heats up. Indeed, Nikola Motors is going places.

Another Top Notch Startup: Solugen

Solugen remains one of the top-tier hydrogen fuel startup companies on the market. And even though they sit firmly in second place in the market (behind Nikola), that’s not necessarily a bad place to be in the least.

The company specializes in designing and growing enzymes that, in turn, can create chemicals from sugar, rather than typical petroleum. As a result, it literally has a sweet fuel solution that’s sure to be a hit with investors as it continues to establish the system.

It also has some strong future plans, with the option to try and convert carbon into different kinds of materials for building, as well as resins that don’t have any bit of formaldehyde. It all sounds a bit complicated, but Solugen knows what it’s doing.

On top of that, it currently has over $435 million in funding and continues to build on its principles based on cancer biology. That should give it a bright future as the market continues to grow.

A Gigantic Alternative: Monolith

Finally, we have a company that lives up to its name – the power of Monolith! But this hydrogen fuel startup isn’t just limiting itself to a certain number of companies. Instead, it’s developing hydrogen solutions that will help the world in general.

Monolith is about to become the top Clean Hydrogen and clean materials company in the world. It does this through a number of solutions built around the development of methane pyrolysis, making enough of it on a commercial scale to be viable to companies. In addition, it’s also become an exclusive developer of zero-emission Clean Hydrogen that won’t batter someone’s wallet into a pump. It also produces some strong carbon black for those that are looking for it, as its market has grown as well.

What’s more, the company is set to celebrate its tenth anniversary, since it began way back in 2012. It started with just two people – Rob Hanson and Pete Johnson – with a Singletary vision to make this world better with their fuel solutions. Needless to say, they’ve succeeded, with over $364 million in funding. That number will likely grow in the year ahead as more possibilities open up for the company. Monolith just keeps getting better.

What Others Should You Look At?

Of course, there are other hydrogen fuel startup alternatives to keep an eye on. These include Tevva in the United Kingdom; H2Pro located in Israel; and home-based favorites like ZeroAvia and Universal Hydrogen. No matter which way you go, you’ll find expertise and viable solutions that will help you create a brighter tomorrow. And there’s nothing wrong with having good alternatives to choose from. Good luck with your search, and remember to find a hydrogen fuel startup that works for you!


Author : Robert Workman

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