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Take A Stand Against Bullying With The-No-App™


Today’s Killer Startup: The-No-App™


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Elevator Pitch:

The-No-App™ “is the first anti-bullying tool to empower the victim of bullying and the victim’s parents.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Bullying is a serious issue that affects kids across the country — 25 to 35% of kids, in fact, according to numbers from’s Anti-Bullying Division. While you’d think that adults who witness bullying would step in and do something about it, the ISCE reports that 70 to 85% of the time, bystanders don’t do a thing. Also, sometimes bullying happens outside the view of any adults. So what’s a kid to do?


Technology to the rescue! ISCE and We-Consent, LLC, have teamed up to develop an anti-bullying app called The-No-App™, which helps kids ages 8-15 fight back against bullying as it happens. When a child is being bullied, all she has to do is press the alert button on her app. A video with a very clear message to stop harassing her starts playing and the camera engages simultaneously, recording the bully’s face as she watches. An alert is then sent to the bullying victim’s parents, letting them know that something might be wrong.


The-No-App™ not only empowers young people to fight back against bullying, but also gives them video evidence of the abuse, backup in the form of their parents, and it opens the door for parents to start the conversation about bullying and staying safe. It’s a 21st-century solution to an age-old problem, empowering kids and their parents to fight back. Kind of makes you wish smartphones were around when you were a kid, doesn’t it?


ISCE’s research uncovered the fact that reporting bullying nearly always stops the bully from acting again, but that as many as 64% of bullying victims are too scared to report it. With The-No-App™, bullying victims and their parents finally have a tool to fight back against bullying.


Finally, The-No-App™ is looking for community groups, schools, churches, temples, and companies to sponsor the app for distribution. They want to get their app into the hands of every child who needs it, so if you think you could help, get in touch with them via their website.



Ready to take a stand against #bullying? Get #TheNoApp from ISCE!


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