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Talking recently to a group of 3rd graders, I was amazed at the number of summer activities they were involved in – clubs, sports, camps. Many of them belonged to multiple sports leagues. Thinking about it, I wondered, “How well would professional coordinators manage to keep activities running smoothly?”


My guess was that they would have their hands full. So I could only imagine how difficult it would be to organize leagues and teams for people who did so in addition to whatever else they had going on in their lives.


Let’s take a huddle, hardworking people, and have a look at squadSet.


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SquadSet is an application that makes managing teams and groups easier for individuals, teams, club administrators and facility administrators. And its services are free!


Ability to add and share information with ease is at the heart of squadSet. Teams can create rosters, track attendance, and share information about practices and events, all within squadSet. Basically anyone can quickly access the information that they need.


Everything from finding where to park at a stadium, planning who will bring snacks, to calling upon a substitute referee can happen using the application. It also includes messages, payments, and schedules and because all relevant information is kept in one place, communication is much simpler.


Remember the days of trying to call everyone when bad weather required a scheduling change and only half the team got the message and showed up at the right time? Those frustrations are a thing of the past with the help of squadSet. Simple notifications keep everyone up to date. Plus, there’s no guessing as to the best way to get ahold of the right people. squadSet functions as a clear, central hub for both finding answers and interacting.


Wish you’d snapped a picture of the winning goal? Surely someone nabbed a good pic, and a team page on squadSet is a convenient place to share media.




Anyone who’s ever been involved in a group knows that each participant has different roles and that success depends upon everyone being able to effectively do his or her part, while working together.


According to team squadSet, “We want to get you back to just doing what you love. We wanted to create an application designed to minimize the time and effort involved in managing group activities.” The app serves a range of different groups, from baseball teams, bowling leagues, cheerleaders, or chess players. No matter how many people are involved or the types of different logistics that need covering, squadSet assists with organizing more easily.


Dash to register for squadSet’s beta version now if you’re ready to take the work out of group activities and return to focusing on the fun.


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