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Collect All The Lovely Places And Travel Plans With Spottly


Today’s Killer Startup: Spottly




Elevator Pitch:

Spottly helps you “find, collet, and share the best places in the world.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Please excuse me, lovely readers. I’m currently in travel mode and therefore drawn to travel startups like an Italian grandmother to fat baby cheeks. Spottly is the latest on my list of adorable little apps that help me and other digital nomads (or just regular travelers, too) find their way through foreign lands.


Spottly also falls under my own personal category of “magpie app,” which is perhaps best exemplified by Pinterest. Let me explain: magpies are birds that like to collect shiny things to stuff into their nests. Magpie apps, therefore, are apps that help us humans collect “shiny things” from around the internet. Pinterest is the best example of this because you can collect aaaaalllllll kinds of shiny things and put them in many nests, but apps like Spottly let you collect a specific type of shiny thing.


Spottly specifically lets you collect places. You can add old favorites, new travel finds, dream places you want to go, or send shiny places to friends. You can create full travel posts in 10 seconds, quickly keeping track of all of the awesomeness as you go. You can even create your very own custom travel guides to “show off your taste and share… with your mates.”


Even if you just need a place to keep track of the places you love because, for example, you have a seriously bad memory and start more sentences than you can count with, “Babe, do you remember that restaurant? The one with the really good food?” Spottly is a great memory-supplement solution.


Spottly is currently available for iOS, and you can ask them to let you know when it’s available for Android as well if that’s your bag. Ready to start magpieing all of the shiny places?



Collect ALL THE SHINEY PLACES with @spottly



Spottly | Dorli Photography/Flickr

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