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Spins.fmOld habits never die… they just go the Facebook and Twitter way. If you believed that dialing a station in order to place a song request would remain untouched by the social phenomenon, then you have another think coming. This young startup is here to change the way in which people have always requested songs from their local stations.

Essentially, (for that is the name of this new service) lets people request songs be played either via Twitter or Facebook. That is, using the provided web interface they are enabled to pinpoint their location on a map, and see all the stations that are nearby at a glance. They will there and then be enabled to place a song request on the wall of that station (if they choose to contact it via Facebook) or by sending out a micro-message (if they decide to use Twitter).

All of this is done straight from the website. The user is not required to go anywhere else or start opening new windows just to place his song request. So, is basically a platform that streamlines everything to no end. In Their Own Words

Request any song on any station.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It centralizes the way in which song requests are placed.

Some Questions About

Is it me, or is it possible to place simultaneous requests on all the stations in your local area at once?

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