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SpeckleApp.comSpeckle is a new app that will let you see to your New Year resolutions. Using Speckle, you can set down as many to-dos as you wish, and the really praiseworthy aspect of the whole application is that anything you set down can have different degrees of completion. That is, items which are consigned to Speckle come with multiple check boxes, denoting their exact statuses.

For example, you can use a check box for any project that has been started (or that has gone live), another for projects that have been finished… the idea is letting you capture the true status of any project that you (or any person who works with you) must see to. In this way, seeing how close you are to attaining your goals (or whether your orders are being followed or not) becomes something far more measurable.

As an application, Speckle can be used at no cost. Couple that with the unfussy, minimalist interface and I think you will agree that Speckle is the perfect app for kickstarting the year in the most productive way of all. In Their Own Words

Speckle lets you manage your to-dos with multiple check-boxes per item!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really handy way to know the status of any project you have to see to – the multiple boxes give you a much clearer idea of how everything is really headed.

Some Questions About

Will Speckle always remain a free application?

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