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SpeakingFaces.com“What first impression do I usually make?”. That is a question most of us ask ourselves a couple of times per day at the very least.

It is only natural that we ask ourselves that question after having met with someone for the first time, and if it was someone we were actually keen on meeting then we are prone to ask it until our heads are almost sore.

A site like this one can stand as the right resource for ensuring that these questions are less frequent by asking them once and for all. Initially, what the suitably-named Speaking Faces website does is to let you upload a picture of yourself and then receive objective feedback when it comes to the first impression you are causing. Note that this service is not something you can use only once. Rather, it is a service you can employ as often as you wish, by wearing the relevant clothes and requesting others to put forth their insight. This is conveyed by choosing the pertinent concept from a drop down menu and then adding a short comment.

To me, this is a very good approach to an issue that could otherwise pose never-ending considerations. The fact that you have access to a neutral pool of people who do not feel obliged to be Mr (or Ms) Nice to you helps a lot when it comes to something like this.

SpeakingFaces.com In Their Own Words

“First impressions count.”

Why SpeakingFaces.com It Might Be A Killer

The way we look is something which can be a bit difficult to assess – friends can not really be counted upon when it comes to that. This site somehow addresses such a concern.

Some Questions About SpeakingFaces.com

Does anybody monitor what is being posted and said on the site? SpeakingFaces.com

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