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SparrowMailApp.comSparrow is a brand-new mail client for Mac users. It is quite lightweight, and it has one very distinctive feature: it works only with Gmail. In practice, this means that people who use Sparrow won?t have to deal with the typical POP and IMAP issues that have to be seen to when configuring any other email client. That becomes a thing of the past when using Sparrow, since only one service is supported, and that service is Gmail.

As a client, Sparrow comes with some very cool features like letting you manage multiple accounts at once. And the interface is very economic – you have five main buttons (inbox, starred items, sent items, drafts and trash) and nothing else. You will be able to use Sparrow within minutes of first having downloaded and installed it.

That is done at no cost, too – you can download the latest beta release of Sparrow on the site, along with all the pertinent documentation just in case you get stuck when trying to get its advanced features to work. In Their Own Words

The New Mail for Mac.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a mail client that can be used without having to configure anything – all the technical bits are dealt with for you.

Some Questions About

Will Sparrow always remain a free application?

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