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SourceCow.comEver wonder how come people that you have never met or interacted with ends up following you on social services like Twitter? If you have done, then I am sure you figured there are more answers than one. To begin with, people might follow others because of the username alone, as it can transmit enough relevance for anybody to feel like seeing what the other is up to.

Clicking “unfollow” afterwards is not necessarily a Herculean task, you know.

And of course, you are also followed by friends or friends that presume you must be in their same wavelength.

These are only two recurrent reasons that sprang to mind easily. If you want the full list and don’t feel like sitting down and dreaming it up the site under review in this very moment will help. Basically, it will enable you to figure out the reason why someone has started following you. This analysis is be performed by installing a plugin (both Firefox and Chrome are supported) that collates data as you go and others start following you. The next step for the programmers is adding some features for actually enticing followers and building more lasting relationships. That will be interesting for sure. In Their Own Words

“SourceCow answers the biggest question we’ve all asked ourselves- why is that person following me?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be interesting to know why you start being mass-followed or deserted, especially if you use Twitter for promotional duties and you need to have as many followers as possible.

Some Questions About

What about those who use Internet Explorer? Is there a way they could employ this service as well?

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