How to submit? – Sonny’s BBQ Restaurant Online

Share on: is the website for the Sonny’s food chain and restaurant, In the site you will find all you want to know about the restaurant and much more.

For those who love eating, in the home page they will find information about the all-you-can-eat Sonny’s Chicken and Pork. After viewing the picture, you will want to go and start eating. In the main page you will also be able to check out the restaurant’s menu and see what meals are offered. Click on the Catering section and find out more about the services offers. Do you want to throw a party and provide your guests with Sonny’s BBQ food? You can hire the catering service. If you’d rather go to one of the Sonny’s restaurants, you can check out the locator. You just need to enter your zip code and click on search. Check out the online store for merchandise and food supplies. Visit for more information.

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