How to submit? – Tracks Concerts Using Your Music Library is the ultimate site for finding concerts in the US and UK.
scans tour trackers, music blogs, ticket vendors, and subscribes to mailing lists so that it has an extensive amount of information on concerts so you don’t need to go to multiple ticket vendors to find the concert information about the band you are interested in. makes finding the concerts you are interested in even easier with the SongKicker, a downloadable plug-in for your Windows Media Player, Winamp, or iTunes. The SongKicker scans your music library and notifies you when there is a concert of any of the artists or bands that are in your music library. You will receive concert listings of all of the artists featured in your music library. The SongKicker sure beats having to search individually for all of the bands you like. There is also another tool that helps you find the concert listings you want called the BandManager. We all have artists or bands in our music library that maybe we only like one of their songs and would never be interested in going to their concert. The BandManager lets you choose which bands and artists from your music library you want the SongKicker to track. Don’t waste your time search through ticket vendors to find the cheapest ticket for a concert, go to and have the SongKicker do it for you. In Their Own Words

“Songkick is a comprehensive concert listings website that makes it easy to go to shows. It was too much work to keep track of when our favorite bands were coming to town, organize to go with friends, and buy tickets. We subscribed to band/label/venue mailing lists, used multiple tour trackers, and read music blogs/Pitchfork religiously for tour news. We did all these things because we never found a single site we could safely trust to know we would never miss our favorite bands play. So we built the music listings website that we wanted.
We cover more than just Ticketmaster events. A band’s tour often has different vendors selling tickets. If you went straight to Ticketmaster, you wouldn’t find out about many performances. We have listings from 10 ticket vendors in the US and UK: Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, Live Nation,, Groove Tickets, See Tickets, We Got Tickets, Ticketline, StubHub!, and Seatwave. We have no affiliation with Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, Live Nation,, or See Tickets, but tell you what tickets they’re selling so you see all the options.
When there are multiple vendors for a single show, you can choose the cheapest ticket. We have tens of thousands of concerts currently in our database, and we add more every day.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easy to navigate and has detailed information on all of its applications. The SongKicker and BandManager are great ideas for tracking concerts. All users have to do is download the applications and they instantly receive information on concerts that interest them. The BandManager goes even further and helps users filter their playlists. The site’s blog is a good way for users to get information on music concerts and tours from reliable music critics. offers many ways of finding affordable concerts that interest the user.

Some Questions About could add some images or media, or maybe music to its homepage, since it tracks concerts. The interface is a bit dull. When you get the listings of concerts it does not say when the tickets will be on sale or how much they are. When will this information be added to Once has worked out any remaining kinks it has, are there any plans of expanding to include international concert listings in the future?

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