Songbird is Creating the Ultimate Hamper

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A California-based startup is making headlines with a groundbreaking solution to a common yet persistent problem – laundry. Songbird, spearheaded by founder and CEO Tina Kim Chan, is set to revolutionize how families handle the chore of transporting folded laundry with its innovative product, the Ultimate Hamper.

The laundry dilemma

As a wife and mother of three, Tina Kim Chan understands the struggles of keeping each family member’s clothes organized during transport. Frustrated by the inadequacy of available laundry baskets, she embarked on a mission to design the Ultimate Hamper – a premium laundry solution that transcends functionality, adding an element of elegance to an otherwise mundane task.

Progress and current status

Songbird has made significant strides in bringing the Ultimate Hamper to life. With a fully functional prototype ready, the startup is currently accepting pre-orders through a Kickstarter campaign. The funds raised will be crucial for tooling and manufacturing, with the ambitious goal of shipping the product to eager customers by September 2024. You can support the campaign here.

Inspiring journey

Behind Songbird’s success story is Tina Kim Chan’s remarkable journey from a Cambodian refugee to a passionate entrepreneur. Arriving in the United States at the age of 2 after fleeing the Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge massacres, Tina later became an elementary school teacher. Now, as a homeschooling mother of three, she’s embracing her second opportunity at the American Dream by creating the Ultimate Hamper.

Role models and challenges

Admiring the achievements of women-founded companies like Spanx, Slack, Honest Company, Kendra Scott, Rebecca Minkoff, Figs, and Away, Tina Kim Chan recognizes women’s business challenges. Only 2% of women-founded companies reach the $1 million dollar mark, and women-founded startups secured a mere 1.9% of all VC funds in 2022. Despite these statistics, Tina remains determined to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these trailblazing women and pave the way for others.

The future of Songbird

Looking ahead, Tina envisions Songbird as more than just a laundry solution provider. The startup aims to have a diverse range of household products in four years. Beyond the Ultimate Hamper, Songbird plans to introduce other problem-solving, high-quality home goods designed to make family life run more efficiently. The aspiration includes seeing Songbird products on the shelves of major retailers such as the Container Store, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

Transforming daily routines with Songbird

Songbird’s journey, led by Tina Kim Chan, is not just about creating innovative products; it’s a story of resilience and determination. The Ultimate Hamper is set to be the first of many products that will simplify daily routines and transform the way families experience the comforts of home. As Songbird takes flight, it brings with it the promise of a brighter, more organized future for households everywhere.


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