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SoloMarketing.netSolo Marketing is a resource that independent professionals are certainly going to appreciate. On the site, they will be able to promote what they do and become instantly findable by the public at large.

This includes not only people in their very same State, but also people in other parts of the country. (As a matter of fact, both the United States and Canada are supported.)

Individuals will be able to look them up by specifying the kind of service that they are after and the exact location (country, state and region). A list of professionals that operate in that area will there and then be produced for them to compare and contrast.

Some of the most popular job categories so far include “Teacher”, “Web Designer” and “Financial Analyst”. And as it is often the case with sites like this one, registered professionals are highlighted at random on the main page. Only three are showcased at the same time, though, so don’t count on that as a sure way to bring new customers in. In Their Own Words

“The best way to find local professionals.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you find certified professionals who are in your very same geographical area.

Some Questions About

Will more job categories be eventually added?

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