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Socialresearchmethods.netIf you’re interested in applied social research and evaluation, this site will be very helpful to you. This source provides information and explanation on various aspects of the applied social research method that will bring you closer to your search.

Links to other web pages with material related to this subject are also available for further investigation. In this site you will find categories such as Resources, which provide information on The Knowledge Base, Selecting Statistics, The Simulation Book, Method Tutorials, Synthesis Gallery and Torchim Research. Other categories on this site such as Cornell Sites, Concept Mapping, EERS 2007 and COEN 2007 are all based on providing all you need to know on the subject. For students of this subject, this web page will come in handy for data analysis and writing the research paper among much other valuable information you can find in this site. For the general reader, its never too late to start learning something new.

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