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SocialAttire.comThere are so many designers out there who never get a chance to shine and who are incredibly talented that just to think about it is truly disheartening. Fortunately, there are people who are trying to do something about it. The ones who have come up with certainly are. This new website lets aspiring designers submit their dress prototypes and sketches for all to see and (more importantly) vote upon. The idea is that the designer who amasses the largest number of votes over a two-week period will have his/her dress created and sold on the site.

The usefulness of something like this is evident. Designers not only get their dresses brought into the attention of the public and the buying industry on the whole, they actually get a portion of the profits that are made for the sale of their dresses. And consumers have access to dresses that come from designers who might one day become the next big thing. If this site is even marginally successful, the fashion world will never be the same again… In Their Own Words

How often do you walk into a clothing store and see something that makes your jaw drop? For the SocialAttire team, the answer is not enough.

After spending countless hours searching for original, innovative fashion, we decided to take matters into our own hands by founding SocialAttire bridges aspiring designers and fashion-forward consumers from around the world using a modern, online platform. invites designers to submit dress prototypes and sketches after building personalized profiles. Consumers and fellow designers vote and comment on submissions over two-week periods. The dress which receives the most votes is sold on Consumers receive the original fashion they crave, and designers gain exposure in the fashion world and a portion of profits.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give emerging talent a chance to leave something of a mark on the fashion industry.

Some Questions About

How much money can a designer get like this? What chances has he got of being featured on the cover of magazines?

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