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WiseStep.comWiseStep is a professional networking site. It enables such individuals to connect and refer each other, winning points and privileges in the process, and eventually redeeming these for tangible rewards (IE, monetary ones).


Profiles on the site are created at no cost, and once you are in you can proceed to invite your friends one by one. That is easily done, as it is only fit – such a function is actually the core of the whole networking experience as provided by WiseStep. Once you have a couple of friends to refer (and to be referred by) it all begins making sense.

On the other hand, if you represent a company that is hiring you can maximize such a referral system and reach job seekers that you would have no access to otherwise – IE, the kind of job seekers that are passive by nature, and who don’t post their profiles on job boards.

In this way, companies are getting referrals the world over, and people have access to a readier set of opportunities. People are also encouraged to become an active part of it all, and the more involved they become then the bigger rewards they will reap. In Their Own Words

“ is a community for professionals that rewards networking.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a community resource that truly facilitates (and rewards) professional development and interaction.

Some Questions About

Which kinds of positions are more readily available through the site?


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