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Trip Match is designed to let memebrs easily plan great trips with their friends, share trips ideas with the community and leverage complete trip itineraries of other Facebook members. It connects with the vibrant community of Facebook and allows groups of shared interest (i.e. road trippers, weekend seekers, spring break vacationers) to collaborate easily and find trips that match their needs. With Trip Match, Facebook friends can find relevant trips by adjusting parameters on the social personalization sliders; i.e. budget (from “on a dime” to “pamper me”), their pace (from “practically horizontal” to “extreme”), the setting (from “museums and malls” to “pure nature”), and who’s going (“group of singles” to “family with young kids”). Just click “Find Relevant Trips” and a list of trips taken by Facebook friends is right there in front of you. You can also create a new trip unique to you. In Their Own Words

“TripWiser is a young, innovative (and, yes, “Travel 2.0″) company with a great vision to improve travelers’ experience in preparing and planning trips. But we don’t just cater to all travelers going to all possible destinations in the world. TripWiser is a social site that offers trip planning and itinerary building and sharing capabilities to baby boomers traveling within or to the United States. We believe that baby boomers are smart and keen on planning quality trips – not just cheap ones. We believe that travel is about having fun, learning new things, making lifelong memories, and sharing experiences with others.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Trip Match is one of the first attempts to blend fun with value and help Facebook members to plan and share great trips. Trip Match is fairly comprehensive, and extremely rich in content. The application leverages the collective wisdom of users and makes trip planning interactive and enjoyable. Through a pleasantly stylish and strikingly modern interface, Trip Match allows users to select from thousands of ready-to-go itineraries, created by real travelers and travel experts, each containing popular destinations, accommodations, activities, attractions, and other interesting things to do. Users can clone someone else’s trips and modify them on the fly via convenient drag-and-drop functionalities.

Some Questions About

Are they trying to attract more users apart from Facebook users?


Author : Charly Zaks

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