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Trig.comTrig is a new social network, developed to be a seriously gorgeous interface for Myspacers who are tired of the run of the mill website design. Trig.


com is all about individuality and sticking it to the man. They describe that mass culture is slowly transforming into a collection of individuals, and they want to properly represent that on their social network. Whether you’re an artist, model, political activist, or just someone with some sweet pictures for your profile, Trig is for you. Upload pics, create a profile, do all the things you love doing in social networks, just do it prettier. In Their Own Words

As mass culture is dying, “the mass” turns out to be a collective of individuals, each and everyone with their own dreams and hopes. So our vision is simple: Your dreams, our tools. With cutting edge design and software, we see Trig as a new community for anyone who ever had a dream, and all the people who go their own way.
We want to give you the platform you need, whether you want to be a fashion designer, musician or maybe just looking for new friends and sharing your thoughts with the world, the platform will adapt to you, not the other way around. Originality, Democracy, Revolution. It’s all about you.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Obviously the thing that stands out about Trig is their interface, which looks like a grey gradient representation of their company objective, to create a space for the millions of shades of grey all over the net. Looks like they are doing very well so far and I look forward to seeing how many users they can switch over based on aesthetics alone.

Some Questions About

Will they add more social networking tools for musicians, allowing them to market their music, add playlists, merchandise, and add other media files? This might help in the steep competition they face against the Myspace scene.


Author : Irene Davids

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