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TheWallMachine.comHardly the kind of application that could change the world, The Wall Machine can nonetheless provide you and your friends with a couple of good laughs. And it can do so for nothing – the whole application can be used for free.


As the title of the review puts it, The Wall Machine can be used to generate fake Facebook walls, and make people believe just any old thing. You can make it look as if you befriended a celebrity (say, Pamela Anderson) and she actually talked directly to you, you can use it to make it look as if you had inherited a silver fortune, you can pretend that the LP your recorded on your basement is up for some kind of important award… The Wall Machine lends itself to all these uses.

Of course, it is also open to other uses which are more mean-spirited, and which I am not going to list here, lest I give someone a couple of gratuitously bad ideas – there are people who just stop at nothing once they set going. Hopefully, you will use The Wall Machine as intended (IE, to have some good-natured fun) and leave it at that. In Their Own Words

Create funny fake Facebook walls!

Why It Might Be A Killer

When used as it should, it is an entertaining application.

Some Questions About

Can this be put to some kind of serious (or purposeful) use?


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