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PayScroll.comAre you an employee? Are you unaware of some important facts of your career? PayScroll is a community for career and compensation information. As a PayScroll member, you can search for salary information of various job title at most US cities.


In additional to researching for compensation information, you can also search for Jobs and be part of the community through a question and answer feature of the website. You can ask or answer questions from the community members. It is a very useful website for employees. In Their Own Words

“ is the first online career website that utilizes Ruby on Rails and Web 2.0 technologies like Ajax and Folksonomy (a.k.a tagging). PayScroll was created because the founders felt that other career websites were too traditional and conventional in their approach. They lack the interpersonal touch and they appear to be geared more towards employers. At PayScroll, we believe that knowledge is power and social networks are even more powerful. Therefore, we would like to be the one who can help you achieve those career goals, realize those career dreams and build that career social network with the features offered on our website.

PayScroll is for Everyone is not just a salary website, or a job board, or a career networking site, it is a combination of all three. Whether you are actively searching for a job, or wanting to expand your career network, this is your chance to interact with others to promote your talents and skills and share your insights with others in the PayScroll community.

PayScroll provides a search tool for salary information, displays current job listings, and provides a career community in a QnA format. As a member of the PayScroll community, you can build and manage your professional relationships through your personal, professional and skills profiles, and through your interaction with other members in the QnA community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

PayScroll is the first of its kind in the compensation information segment. Traditional sites like are more geared toward upselling their services to corporations. PayScroll is developed as a community for the end-user, YOU, to help you grow and develop your career through various community and social networking aspects of PayScroll.

Some Questions About

Why are users supposed to choose this website among so many other websites that offer similar wervices? How are users supposed to find this website? How is this website looking forard to gain profits?


Author : Bill Webb

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